All You Want To Know About ZEN

What are your opening hours?
We are open from 11am to 12 midnight daily (7 days a week). Do call and book in advance!

Do you provide shuttle service?
We offer all guests free shuttle service (pick-up and drop-off). Ring us: 04 881 2808 or 010 3900 131.

What forms of payment do you accept?
Currently we only accept cash (Ringgit Malaysia). To convert your currency into Ringgit Malaysia, check with www.xe.com

Where do I put my keys, wallet and mobile phone when I am at your wellness centre?You’ll be allocated a concealed locker to store your personal belongings. Only you will have the key to the locker.

What is a massage session like at ZEN?

Here’s what you can expect.

What is foot reflexology?

Foot reflexology or Oriental foot massage is an ancient healing practice used to balance the body. It is based on the principle that there are reflexes in the feet which correspond to every part of the body. Most people use reflexology as a means to relax and improve circulation.

Do you offer facial treatments?

We don’t offer facial treatments for a few reasons. While we understand the popularity of this treatment especially at many wellness centres, we do not want to put you at risk. Yes, facial treatments can be risky if they are not carried out properly. You could have an allergic reaction to the facial products or your skin could have a breakout.

Is your massage painful?

Most massages are not painful if done correctly. You may feel some slight pressure though. Our trained massage therapists are well-versed in varying the degree of pressure during your massage session. During consultation, let us know your preferences for massage.

Why are some massage centres cheaper than others?

Cheaper massage centres are usually unlicensed and operate without insurance. Should anything happen, they will shut down the business and disappear! These centres cannot afford to hire full-time staff so they usually employ freelance or part-time therapists who may or may not be professionally trained in the art of massage.

Do I need to tip my massage therapist?

This is entirely up to your discretion.

Am I supposed to undress fully when I get a massage?

You have the option to be undressed or dressed for your massage session. You have the freedom to decide. If you choose not to undress, we will not use any massage oil on you. If you wish to use oil during your massage, you will need to undress.

Should I talk to the massage therapist during the massage?

There is no need for conversation unless you need to tell the therapist what is comfortable or uncomfortable during the massage session.

What do I do if the massage pressure isn’t deep enough?

Inform our massage therapist and she will adjust accordingly.


Can I ask for a female massage therapist?

Yes. If you are a woman and feel more comfortable with a female massage therapist, please let us know.

What kind of oil do you use in your massages?

We are exceptionally particular about the type of essential oil we use for all our guests. In our centre, we only use premium grade tea tree and rose essential oils with a top-of-the-range carrier oil such as sweet almond oil. Other massage centres are known to use commercial baby oil!

What brand of nail products can I expect for my hand and foot spa?

We will pamper your nails with OPI nail polishes and nail lacquers which are not only beautiful but also long lasting with good conditioning. Genuine OPI nail products are known for their superb glamorous finishes and are usually used by salon professionals. Your nails will look ravishing when your session’s done!

What should I be aware of when choosing a massage or spa centre?

  • Look at its environment – is it pleasant, clean and soothing?
  • Look at its staff – are they full-time staff in uniforms or do they look shabby and unkempt
  • Look at its centre – ask if it is fully licensed and insured. Dirt cheap prices often are an indicator that the centre is probably not licensed nor insured.
  • Look at its products – do they use genuine oils or do they resort to cheap, chemical-infused lotions?
  • Who brought you there? Did a taxi driver bring you to the spa? Does the spa publicly publish its prices? If not, watch out – he could be fleecing you for a fat commission!

Do you offer fish spa treatments?

We don’t offer fish spa treatments. We don’t encourage you to try fish spas either because the level of hygiene and cleanliness is rather suspect. The garra rufa fish do nibble off the dead skin from your feet but you are dipping your feet into water that others have dipped their feet into too! Skin diseases are spread easily and if you’re unlucky, you could end up with itchy, red and scaly skin after visiting a fish spa. In the US, at least 14 states, including Texas and Florida, have outlawed these fish spas or fish pedicures as they pose a genuine health concern. You can read more about the health risks posed by these doctor fish here and here.

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