Pampering Every Part of Your Body

Which massage therapy or foot reflexology treatment would you like?
Find out the different types of body and foot massages as well as the manicures and pedicures we have for you! For currency exchange rates, visit www.xe.com



Oriental body massage (60 min) + Oriental Reflexology (30 min) RM 158 nett


Oriental body massage (60 min) + Oriental Reflexology (60 min) RM 215 nett



Oriental body massage (60 min) + Oriental Reflexology (60 min)+ Body scrub (30 min) RM 310 nett



Oriental body massage (60 min) + Body scrub (40 min) RM 239


ZEN Oriental Full Body Massage

60 minutes RM 122 nett
90 minutes RM 186 nett
120 minutes RM 220 nett
Your choice of various essential oils + RM 10

Our signature massage is specially designed to combine the therapeutic benefits of traditional Japanese Shiatsu as well as the relaxing effect of a Swedish massage.


ZEN Oriental Reflexology (Foot Massage)

30 minutes RM 56 nett
45 minutes RM 84 nett
60 minutes RM 99 nett

If you are looking for a strong therapeutic or a soft relaxing foot massage, our skillful therapists are here to suit your taste. Complete the experience with a head and shoulder massage that will guarantee to rejuvenate your soul and soles.


ZEN Head and Shoulder Massage

30 minutes RM 69 nett


ZEN Traditional Ear Candling

Per session RM 52++

RM 40 only with any Body Massage or Reflexology session.

Enjoy the ancient benefits of ear candling that has been around for thousands of years. Benefits of ear candling include: Promoting lymphatic circulation, alleviating allergic conditions, diminishing chronic sinusitis and promotes relaxation. Using the finest ingredient in our ear candles, enjoy the ZEN experience with a peace of mind.


ZEN Hand & Foot Spa

Include hand or foot bath, moisturizing treatment and organic scrub.

Using only the finest products ingredients let ZEN pamper your hands and feet with a spa treatment fit for a king


Spa Treatment

Include hand or foot bath, moisturizing treatment and organic scrub

Spa Manicure RM 65++
Spa Pedicure RM 80++
Non- Spa Manicure RM 46++
Non- Spa Pedicure RM 58++

+ RM 10 on any of above for French manicure or pedicure


ZEN Facial Treatment

ZEN Refreshing Facial (60 Minutes) Cleaning & ExfoliateHot CompressSerumFace & Shoulder massageMaskMoist – Toner RM 154 nett
ZEN Deep Cleansing Facial (75 Minutes)Cleaning & ExfoliateHot CompressSerumFace & Shoulder massageEye Mask & MaskMoist – Toner & Eye cream RM 224 nett
ZEN Whitening Facial (90 Minutes) Cleaning & ExfoliateHot CompressSerumFace & Shoulder massageWhitning mask & Eye maskMoist – Toner & Eye cream RM 288 nett


ZEN Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone therapy / massage is a kind of massage that uses treated volcanic rocks such as basalt and basinite that are believed to promote relaxation as well as eliminating negative energy within the client’s body, mind and soul.

The stones are heated using water with temperature ranging from 120 – 130 degree Fahrenheit although usual treatment requires alternating the use of hot basalt or basinite stones and much colder stones like marble ones.

Benefits of hot stone massage:

Muscle relaxationEasing stress and recharge your energy levelsReleases toxinsImproves blood circulation

ZEN Hot Stone Massage

70 minutes RM 138++
90 minutes RM 175++
120 minutes RM 209++


What does a ZEN massage feel like? Learn more here.