Why Us

Come For A Truly ZEN Experience

When you arrive at the tranquil ZEN Reflexology & Wellness Centre, you are presented with a menu of massages and reflexology packages. If you are unsure which to choose, fear not as our trained staff and managers will brief you about each massage therapy.

A typical massage session is between half an hour to 2 hours. Your massage will begin with a brief consultation and review of what you need.


Every Massage Is Personalised Just For You

We’ll ask you what you need so we can customise the massage therapy or reflexology just for you. Do you need to soothe tired muscles? Do you have a particular ache or pain which worries you? Let us help! As our staff are trained professionally by a top massage therapist, we tailor each massage session to your preference. For instance, if you’ve had a tiring day shopping, just inform our massage therapist. We’ll customise the massage to focus just a little more on your legs and calves so you can emerge totally relaxed and reenergised!


Take Your Time


When you’ve chosen the body massage you want, sit back as we pamper your feet with a complimentary foot bath first, regardless of the massage or reflexology you’ve chosen. This takes around 10 minutes before you will be asked to undress* (you can keep your underwear on) while the massage therapist is out of the room. You’ll be provided a specially concealed locker to store your personal belongings. Then and only then will you be asked to lie face down on the massage bed, to delight in the massage you’ve requested. Above all, we encourage you to take your time as our professional massage therapist works her magic on you.

* You have the option to be undressed or dressed for your massage session. You have the freedom to decide. If you choose not to undress, we will not use any massage oil on you. If you wish to use oil during your massage, you will need to undress.


How a ZEN Massage Works


She’ll use long, smooth strokes to knead. Immediately you’ll loosen up as massage relieves muscle tension and pain and helps clear lactic acid and other waste. Your energy levels are also improved through massage because massage brings oxygen and other nutrients to body tissues. Naturally, massage will make you calmer and healthier as it relieves stress by lowering hormones such as cortisol and at the same time, enhances your immune function.

A full body massage usually begins on your back and then moves down to your legs. You will then be asked to turn over so you are face up. Your masage therapist will continue massaging your arms, legs, neck, and abdomen.

Your massage therapy shouldn’t hurt although sometimes you could experience some mild aching when the massage therapist works on areas with muscle tension. If the pressure is too strong, inform the massage therapist.


Feel Like A King Or Queen…Revitalized & Re-energised!

Every massage should be pleasurable, restorative and calming. Once the massage is over, you can take your time and lie back for a while. You shouldn’t stand or sit up too quickly as you may feel lightheaded. We encourage you to take your time – take a few moments to reflect on the satisfying massage you’ve just experienced as tea is served.

If you feel like napping for a while, please do so! Most customers usually fall asleep after a massage session as it is very soothing and relaxing. Prolong your blissful moments if you wish – there is simply no rush. Once you’re ready, enjoy a shower before you leave – we have shower facilities so you emerge totally invigorated!

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